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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 30, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's going to obscure the mainstream media. >> rick: that is wrap on news watch this week. i'm rick follow balm. keep it right here on fox news channel. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glas glad you are with us. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping nuitsd, slow and confused, inconsistent some of the heavy criticism coming down on the white house today over handling of the benghazi consulate attack investigation. we'll have a live report. >> gregg: and first monday in october is tomorrow and the u.s. supreme court is set to deal with red hot controversial cases on the docket. we'll get you details. >> heather: and some amazing american warriors have just crossed the finish line after marathon bike ride for the
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families of fallen service members. we have covered this from the very beginning. we'll take you live to ground zero. >> gregg: we begin with the countdown to a possibly pivotal al moment to the white house. in three days, romney and president obama will be squaring off in their first debate. today both candidates stepping off the campaign trail to try to get ready. a big shift in the polls may hinge in the out come. latest real clear politics average, recent national polls it shows president obama leading by four percentage points. today vice presidential nominee paul ryan saying the g.o.p. ticket will come from behind to win. no surprises, senior advisor thinks otherwise. >> given that we're going to win this race. >> but you are not at this point ix are losing? >> we can debate polls. i can tell you this. the president is offering four more years of the same.
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he has been very good at distorting the issue and disguising the truth. he has been very good on distracting people. he is running on division, distraction on distortion to try to win an election by default. >> we have had a strategy that we executed from the beginning. we're ahead because the american people believe that this president has in his mind and in his heart the middle-class and how to build an economy that works for the middle-class in this country. that is fundamentally what looking for. >> chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in boston. paul ryan is playing the old expectation games on lower xfgss for governor romney but chris christie is calling the debate a game changer. i wonder who is right. >> reporter: you got surrogates talking a lot today. they will continue until wednesday when the priangs can
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go face to face. today governor romney is doing his debate. president obama has arrived in las vegas and getting ready for the showdown. romney will be in denver in advantages of this. paul ryan was talking about the romney ryan ticket new framework for the race. they said referendum on president obama's record. but it's decide how to best deal with the competent. here is paul ryan trying to set the stage. >> we can have a dynamic growing economy that produces opportunity or stagnant economy that fosters dependency. we can stick with the failed policies of last four years for the next four years or a brighter future. stalg nation versus growth, dependency versus opportunity and mobility. that is the classic choice and clear difference we are
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offering. >> reporter: that is sort of classic choice, a very broad assessment of the two competing viewpoints and agendas. there is a big discussion always about whether or not you win debates by fact points and trying gotchas or whether it's a question of demeanor and personality. you can go back to famous debates, al gore and george bush where al gore sed more intelligent things on the stage but his demeanor was so lousy he got bad reviews. so, with a full month of october dedicated to these four weeks, these debates will probably erase a lot of opinions about both men and help undecided voters make up their minds. >> gregg: obama campaign suggests that romney wins the debate by appearing on the
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stage. is that true? >> there is some truth to that. they are belittling romney by that comment saying that barack obama is the incumbent chief executive. but by standing on the stage, mitt romney will have an opportunity to have his ideas and presentation compared first time, no reporters telling people how it can be interpreted or no analysts or pundits telling them how it should be interpreted. it will give an opportunity for mitt romney, he hopes, romney hopes to call out the president on some of the deceptions of his positions. mitt romney has argued that he does not support abortion with the exception of rape and incest and life of the mother. barack obama campaign has suggested romney shares paul ryan's view that doesn't have exception. he says the auto bailout, so
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that is romney is looking for and in case of president obama. what he with a really wants to do is make sure this doesn't become a discussion in the last three and a half years but a discussion how the next four years would be spent in a choice for the voters between the romney obama agenda. >> gregg: all right. carl cameron, thanks very much. >> president obama arriving in las vegas moments ago. we'll have a live report a bit later in the newscast. >> heather: meantime, controversy growing over the deadly attack in libya. into new calls investigation in assault that killed chris steens and three other americans. more questions are being raised over the obama administration's official version of what happened. top lawmakers are demanding answers. steve centanni is live in washington with more on this. >> reporter: one is bob corker a member of the foreign relations
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committee saying the benghazi incident is more bizarre every day. he wrote a letter to the director of national intelligence. it says 18 days ago the administration judged it was appropriate for our consulate to be lightly guarded. what has changed in libya such a short time that our f.b.i. agents, most elite personnel cannot safely enter the city? meantime, republicans kept up the drum beat on the administration's response and the president's foreign policy. >> the response was slow. it was confused, it was inconsistent. they first said that it was a youtube video and spontaneous mob. we now know it was a planned terrorist attack. in this was one tragic incident, that would be a tragedy in and of itself but the problem is bigger picture of the fact that the obama foreign policy is unraveling literally before our eyes on our tv screens. >> reporter: he said he would
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let others decide if the president was involved in a cover-up. meantime, obama advisors responded to intel information as they received it. they say the attack was a complex in situation and wasn't clear this was a terrorist attack. >> the information was arrived at and determinations were made. that was shared with the american people. i think again the focus needs to be how do we make sure our facilities and ambassadors and personnel are secure going forward. >> reporter: and obama advisor david axelrod says we don't need a president that shoots first and aims later. >> heather: steve, thank you very much. meantime, a new deadly attack on u.s. troops in afghanistan. at least one american is killed, just the latest in a string of incidents involving afghan soldiers and police. peter doocy has those details from washington. >> two numbers is 2053 because
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the suspected attacks number of americans killed in the eleven year war there to 2,000 and u.s. coalition killed this year to 53. former ambassador john bolton he says the green on blue attacks will continue until americans leave afghanistan so after began security forces can get a head start pledging their allegiance to the taliban. >> green and blue on attacks is likely to increase as the date to withdrawal draws closer. taliban attacks may diminish. why should the taliban take risks when they know we're leaving. it's more for the afghan national army personnel who want to show their loyalty. >> reporter: leon panetta says the taliban is trying to undermine our trust in afghan security forces and the chairman of joint chief of staffs says it won't work. >> one commander says insider
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attacks is affronted with their honor and culture and their faith. as for us, we are adapted go to changes in that threat, as well. that is what professional militaries do. >> the number of deaths from insider attacks has written from 35 last year and 53 this year so far. even as both sides are working hard to stop them with americans beefing up security on joint missions and afghans doing more background checks on recruits. >> heather: thank you peter. >> gregg: back on the bench, tomorrow the u.s. supreme court picks up where it left off three months ago right in the middle of some of the nation's most politically divisive issues. issues regarding marriage, voting rights and education. shannon has a preview. >> reporter: monday kicks off the brand-new term for the supreme court and there are number of controversial disputes awaiting them. at least six of the nine
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justices attended the pre-term red mass on sunday. a tradition that started back in 1928 in new york. there were prayers for wisdom and inspiration for all members of the judiciary. on monday the court will consider whether nigerian citizens can sue shell oil company for human rights abuses. one of the most anticipated cases comes next week, a lawsuit by a white applicant she was denied admission to the university of texas because of the college's race based admission criteria. the court is expected to take up at least one case related to the hot button issue of same-sex marriage. one case on appeal deals with the defense of marriage act which the obama administration it will no longer defend in court. another appeal involved california's prop 8 that would amend the state's constitution so california would recognize
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marriage between man and woman as legal. >> this is one of cases you have seen it from the cases that were started filing that would make it to the supreme court. >> we could know as early as monday morning whether the justices have decided to take up both of those cases. >> gregg: shannon, thanks. >> heather: a tsa agent busted for stealing from passengers is speaking out. he says that he may have been one of the most prolific at tsa but when he tried to sell a stolen camera on ebay. estimating he stole $800,000 of items from flyers. he said he did it because he wasn't getting paid enough and he wasn't treated right by former colleagues but he wasn't the only one. that stealing was very commonplace. >> it was so easy, one day i walked out of there with video game nintendo wii, i walked out
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in my hand and nobody said a word. >> even though you are lugging all that stuff around? >> right. >> he seems proud of himself. >> gregg: pretty sad story. one wonders how pervasive. >> have you lost anything at the airport. >> gregg: brand-new shorts. it still had the tags. >> heather: shorts on ebay could go for a hefty sum i bet. >> gregg: new report on nickel and diming passengers in billions of fees in few months. is there anything consumers can do? is it profit ahead of passengers? >> and journey across the country to raise money for the for fallen marines. we'll take you there live. i was teaching a martial arts class and having a heart attack.
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>>. >> heather: time for a quick check of head lines, thousands of protestors in madrid rallying into the night angry over austerity cuts.
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it was the third such protest in five days. on friday the government presented a draft budget that will cut overall spending by $40 billion euros. >> a small earthquake shaking suburb west of dallas saturday. no serious damage or injuries were reported. >> and some lifers in california could go free. governor jerry brown giving the okay to a law that can release them. >> gregg: shocking numbers, u.s. airlines raked in $2 billion in baggage ties during the first half of the year. that the largest amount ever collected for a six-month period. this as a new report emerges finding passengers are facing more fees than ever before and fewer choices. how about that? anything consumers can do. ed joins us managing partner of
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investment firm. rise of oil prices make a corresponding rise in jet fuel and 30% of operating costs for the airlines. are the airlines trying to make up for it in other ways like the fees? >> sure. look this is great lesson in economics. it's supply and demand and competition. when there is less competition. usually the quality goes down and prices go up. that is exactly what is happening right now. we have fewer and fewer airlines out there. you have oil prices, gregg, any time oil prices are above $85 a barrel you have a hard time being profitable in the airline industry. >> gregg: that is the tipping point generally? >> it really is. so is this a sign of things to come? absolutely. we're being nicked and dimed to death on the airlines and we have nothing we can do it except get the economy going and maybe new airlines will come into
1:20 pm
play. i fly spirit airlines, i'm not happy with some of the seats but it gets me there. more competition will bring fees down. >> gregg: airline industry is tied to the overall economy so the recession itself has caused reduced demand and increased sensitivity to prices. if they were significantly raise prices that would square away additional prices, all the nickel and diming what more can they do? >> there is not much. you can't just stop up an airline in your garage. this is very big deal. it takes a lot of money to start new airlines. can people march and protest? they can do that but we all it all the time. >> geraldo: you know what i do. in the northeast quarter, i take the train. it is fast and actually very
1:21 pm
relaxing. you have a huge amount of leg room. you always have a car you can get food and drink from. by the time you add in by the time you through airport and waited for your plane, take the acela and they are there same amount of time. >> i take a cela. i tell you, you see it everywhere. you see it in customer service. you don't even get a can of soda. they give it to you in small cup and if you for more, you are trying to bankrupt the airline by asking or more soda. it's happening everywhere. so the answer is a strong economy. that is what it comes back to. we'll see prices come down but don't think for a second baggage fees are going away or change. all they do punch in numbers and it's $150.
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>> gregg: i will give some things to airline they are running planes that are three times more fuel efficient than they during the first gulf war. great to see you. thanks. >> heather: nine groolg grueling days, 3200 miles by bicycle, they proudly arriving at ground zero today. the team riding across the country raising awareness and money to help the children of fallen u.s. vets. molly is live for us at ground zero where the warrior ride rolled into a hero's welcome. >> reporter: that is right. cyclists arrived a few moments ago. dramatic cheers you can see them here. there is an incredible crowd of people that welcomed them to an amazing journey. 18 people including the support staff and veterans that made
1:23 pm
this ride. many of them served in iraq and afghanistan and they have comrades that did not survive. they wanted to make sure that the children of the fallen soldiers are taken care of. this is about raising scholarship money and passing it on. they started in san diego making their way all across this nation many of them served overseas through kansas, through utah. moving across and finally up to the northeast and cruising through all of manhattan today. it was an amazing journey. weaving in and out of all the different roads and over the george washington bridge. an absolutely incredible crew of people. some of these have completed ironman competition. there is a wounded warrior. several of the participants now work on wall street the they are coming back home. biking isn't the only way but there are ways for folks at
1:24 pm
home. if they are interested finding out the amazing heroes, you can go to 911 hero >> heather: we watched it from the beginning when they begin in california. we checked in with them at arizona. i want to know how their legs feel today. why they are still standing. thank you so much. we appreciate it. great cause. >> gregg: i wonder how their tush is doing. i don't know if i would want to sit on another bicycle. 450 miles a day. all right. three days the first presidential debate of the campaign season, how does each candidate plan to distinguish himself from his opponent? that is coming up next. >> heather: and bus driver on unpaid leave after he says he unknowingly ate pot brownies. should he be punished for something he said he had know
1:25 pm
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan talking about strategy in the upcoming presidential debate. speaking on fox news sunday, ryan says that governor romney will focus on making a sharp distinction between his policies and those of president obama. listen. >> what does governor romney need to do wednesday night in that first debate? >> he needs to give american people the choice we are offering. that is what we are doing. we owe the country a very clear choice of a different future. we can either have a dynamic growing economy that produces
1:30 pm
opportunity or we can have a stagnant economy that fosters dependency. we can stick with failed policies for the next four years or brighter future. dependency versus opportunity versus upper mobility. >> heather: let's bring alex us any gill johnson and nancy, president of media speak strategies and former senior advisor spokesperson to john mccain. thank you for joug us. nancy i want to begin with you. for six months they said this campaign is a referendum on president obama's record. now you heard paul ryan saying in his interview with chris that it's about choice. do you see this as a shift in strategy for the romney campaign and if so, is that why? >> i think it's right and proper for both candidates to offer americans a clear vision of their path for the country.
1:31 pm
i think it's a natural evidence luilgs. any time an incumbent president running against a challenger there is component of that that is referendum, but now is the time where we've got a matter of weeks when people have to cast their votes. now is the time for each candidate to be crystal clear about the direction they would take our country. >> heather: alex us what do you think? >> i think they were energized by the romney-ryan team gets this. when you look at the choice that americans have, it's like mitt romney came straight out of central casting. he has a guy and talking about who is more in touch with the american people. i think the choice is very clear. >> heather: when pushed for specifics on tax policies, ryan pushed that and ryan pushed that
1:32 pm
by cutting rates would cut $5 trillion over five years but instead the policy would be revenue neutral and create 7 million jobs. do they still need to be more specific during the debate on wednesday? some have said their plan is mathematically impossible? >> i think the standards are set pretty low by president obama. we're looking a man, the debt is over $16 trillion and would be over $21 trillion. doesn't pretend to balance the budget and $1 trillion a year after year. obama set the bar pretty low. we also 6 unemployment for those 25-55 at the lowest rate we've seen in 30 years. so the bar has been set low but i believe the country deserves a much brighter path. what we'll hear governor romney
1:33 pm
is reducing the outrageous growth and spending and frankly rolling back the regulatory price tag that this economy has been absorbing. you see an increase of about 279% in the number of major versus the bush. each of a price tag hundred million dollars a year. >> heather: i want to give you a chance to respond. president obama he is the incumbent president in this race. let's take a look at economic numbers. since president obama took office in january of 2009 the u.s. government has implemented more fiscal stimulus and monetary intervention than ever before. g.d.p. has slowed from 2.4% to 12% in 2011 and only 1.6% in first half of 2012. first three that recovery has added 6.7% to g.d.p.
1:34 pm
and unemployment stuck above 8% and as you heard nancy, 25% of americans age 25-55 still need a job. so why do president obama deserve another four years? >> it's clear heather in this debate it's going to be critical for the president to make the case that while we are moving forward there is still a lot of work to do. americans across the board are struggling. and that conversation that romney is trying to put forward that nancy is putting forward that americans are more dependent because if anybody is more dependent a lot of corporations, it's wall street. it's folks who have been spending millions of dollars on lobbyists. the indication that the president has to make and he will make about the economy is that the choice that romney is offering is four years of failed
1:35 pm
polict going to reach middle-class. not just four years of challenges that the president has faced with the congress. that needs to be talked about. >> heather: historically roovgs are stronger an elections. thank you very much. >> gregg: president obama arriving in the battleground state of nevada just a short while ago. he is set to hold a rally in high school in las vegas later tonight. he is limiting his public schedule in nevada so he can hunker down to prepare for the first presidential debate on wednesday. ed henry is traveling with the president. he is live in las vegas. don't keep it to yourself there but what is the expectations game going on? >> reporter: there is huge
1:36 pm
expectations game. they are trying to say woe is the president. he has been very busy as commander in chief so he hasn't been able to prepare like mitt romney has. they are trying to raise the expectations for mitt romney by sailing he has had all this practice but also that he had sort of batting practice during tough republican primaries. here is david plouffe on one of sunday showing. >> he has prepared any more than any kind in history. we believe governor romney. he has been a good debate they are the past. he has clever things in his pocket. we understand he'll have a good night on wednesday night. >> reporter: the other reason to be here for this rally in las vegas that the deadline to get registered for early voting is later this week here in nevada.
1:37 pm
a battleground state. >> gregg: president obama is going to speak later in las vegas. why is he premising there for the colorado debate? >> i remember covering john kerry in the final debate against president bush. so he did debate prep in new mexico. it was battleground state so you get the practice and being in this local media market and getting some attention. this is foreclosure capital here in united states. unemployment is higher than the national average. this should be fertile ground to make his case for mitt romney that the country is not better off. bottom line if you look at the public polling, it's extremely tight suggesting that the president despite the tough economy even in nevada is still holding up pretty well. >> gregg: ed in las vegas, double down on 11 and split your face cards.
1:38 pm
>> i'll send you some of the cash. >> heather: coming up a police chief of a small new mexico border town leaving residents with one cop and a dog to protect them. what made the chief leave. and bus driver unknowingly he says drugged is put on unpaid leave. should he be punished for something out of his control? our panel weighs in after this break. of hardest-working, smoothest-riding.lass it's got the most torque, the smoothest suspension, the best storage, class-leading comfort, and a revolutionary collection of versatile accessories. it's built on everything we've learned creating the world's best-selling utility side-by-sides. introducing the all new 60-horsepower ranger xp 900, a whole new class of hardest-working, smoothest-riding. thor's couture gets the most rewards
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1:43 pm
officers not to have guns? what is the deal here? you know, kirsten, the chief, his name is chris, he was apparently carrying a fake gun to make arrests. >> yes, could make a situation far more dangerous and amplify a situation if he was to encounter someone that was armed. >> gregg: kesha, you are okay with the dog enforcing the law as long as it is rintintin? >> first of all. dock is better candidate of the two. they need an officer. be it that small town, small towns they have state police and police those towns. maybe they could do that. >> gregg: it reminds me favorite show on television, andy
1:44 pm
griffith show. barney was allowed to carry a gun. you got to love him. but there was a running gag, andy made him carry his one bullet in his shirt pocket because every time he loaded his gun he would shoot himself in the foot. >> it seems a little bit like that. and hopefully they will get additional assistance. >> gregg: this town is deep in what the homeland security says, isolated region popular with drug traffickers. this could get ugly. somebody could really get hurt. >> maybe the border police could police that town because the only problems they have deal with those issues. >> gregg: good luck to that town. we wanted to transition to san diego, a bus driver accused of serving pot brownies to three
1:45 pm
of his colleagues. he has now been fired. one of the victims is also been put or at least put on unpaid leave for not speaking up once he realized something was wrong. take a listen. >> i am a bus operator who was poisoned at work by brownies that were laced with marijuana. i was dry mouth, a little light headed and i was giggling a lot. i was sort of just, i guess way was high and didn't know it. they know i was poisoned. it had some kind of drug in it. we had a people on the bus and they were unsafe with drivers driving the bus unsafe. >> gregg: unknowing bus driver, assuming his story is straight. we have no reason to doubt him. kesha, what about it. it seems like he got a raw deal. you have to go to drug counseling. is a victim? >> i think he is being punished
1:46 pm
he had no knowledge of. if this employee put it in the brownies she shouldn't have been placed unpaid leave. you can't operate a bus while under the influence of a drug. >> i have to agree. in defense. >> gregg: in defense of drugs. >> they are dealing with federal regulations and red tape, they are dealing with the story coming out, a lot of hot water. they have a p.r. situation on their hands and feds have requirements that anybody has tested positive for drugs has to go through counseling. >> there is a law that carries five years behind bars. you could see charges to the guy who served up the marijuana brownies. >> right. >> the police have done, according to the reports i have looked through, they have done a full investigation and handed it on to the d.a. >> he even admitted those are
1:47 pm
the brownies he made with his own ingredients. >> gregg: what about the driver who was measured here perhaps wrongfully. i smell a lawsuit over this but he didn't have any damages other than lost wages. >> it appears that municipality has helped push things through with the feds to get a waiver of requirements. >> i'm sure they are going to give him back pay. >> these were homemade homemade brownies. which is certainly one of my favorites. there is food all over places in work. we eat it freely all the time. it could happen to any of us. >> if you started laughing on the air they will start questioning. >> good to see you both.
1:48 pm
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>>. >> heather: police checkpoints in wichita is raising eyebrows, officers are setting up for checkpoints to check drunk drivers but they want to pull drivers over where they are coming from, where they are going and possibly even why. not everyone thinks this is so innocent. let's ask our panel what they think about it. and radio talk show host of made in america, ceo of the legacy company and author of conscientious. thank you both for joining us. is something fishy going on. i'll start with you? >> this is absolutely awful. you want government to have them but you don't want them on your
1:53 pm
back. i don't want to be secured by the state. since we have introduced the patriot act it seemed like we have lost our meidz, we are throwing our bill of rights under the bus. you can be charged, you can be arrested and detained without azy.ged or trial. now you can be strip-searched even arrested for minor violation. like a person out in florida who had a product removed from a moving violation. >> they are asking people to take a survey. they can say no, they don't want to take the survey. is this a violation of fourth amendment? >> absolutely. this is more nutty and interference in day to day lives. people have to get to work and pick up kids from day care. there has to be other ways to do this. it's stressful enough to do all the things we do. now, we have to slow down and take a survey or not?
1:54 pm
what happened to the cables over the roads and put a drone up there. i think maybe this -- this is more of nanny state. we have seen a rise in the nanny state. mayor bloomberg, what price soft drinks we can drink and walking and texting. are they going to ask us and ask us what kind of jeans we are wearing? >> heather: let's take a look what the metro planning organization, what they have to say. they ironed in part. the primary objective of the external station survey, that is what it's called where they ask people to take, provide detailed information regarding traffic entering and leaving the wampo region at key roadway locations. they are doing it to monitor
1:55 pm
traffic patterns for safety. >> i have to tell you we have been told by our founding fathers that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. you lose your rights not in broad swath. you lose them incrementally. that is what concerns me. i don't know what i need to explain the police why i'm going across the street. i don't think that is fair. it troubles me. >> heather: i have an attorney sitting next to me. gregg is an attorney, so gregg, d.u.i. checkpoints they are allowed. >> they said as a matter of public interested, random d.u.i. checkpoints are allowed 89 then this january a case informational checkpoints are allowed but that was a case involving the search for a hit-and-run suspect. this wichita case strikes me is
1:56 pm
way beyond the pail and likely if challenged would not be upheld. >> heather: they are doing it under the guise of safety. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your input today. next time we'll check out your jeans. >> okay, thank you. >> gregg: he is wearing golf short. i'm still missing golf shorts from the stolen tsa. we are three days from the first debate. 60 million americans could be tuning in. they are expecting a serious show down. campaign insiders are here to tell us what we all could be watching. >> an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference. at red lobster. there's so many choices, the gues love it!
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
>>heather: welcome to brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >>gregg: glad you are with us. topping the news, the mother of an navy navy seal killed in benghazi is speaking out as new questions are raised about what really happened there. the latest from a live report. >>heather: plus, it is crunch time for president obama and governor romney. the first of three presidential debates is approaching. are they making the right moves? our campaign insiders debate. >>gregg: 30,000 people taking to the streets of new york city to trace the final steps of a firefighter killed on 9/11. this is all if a very good
2:01 pm
cause. well tell you about it. >>heather: but, first, new concerns from top lawmakers over the deadly attack on the consulate in libya. they are demanding answers as well as an investigation that killed the ambassador and three other brave americans. more questions are being raised over the obama administration's official version of what happened. now live for us in washington, dc. steve, what exactly is being asked by the senator? >>reporter: the senator on the foreign affairs committee wants do know why the f.b.i. has not been able to enter benghazi to investigate the murders. he calls the situation "bizarre" and demanding answers. the letter seas, 18 days ago the administration said it was appropriate for our consulate to be lightly guarded. what has changed in such a short time that the f.b.i. and lead
2:02 pm
investigative personnel cannot safely enter the city? >> there are calls for the resignation of u.n. ambassador susan rice who said a few day after the attack it appears to be a spontaneous uprising again the antimuslim video. >> we have reports now that intelligence people knew in 24 hours this was a terrorist attack. yet they sent her out to say things that were absolutely false and continued to do so. >>reporter: john mccain says the violent conflict with -- the violence in libya conflicts with obama administration's story that al qaeda is on the way out. >>heather: good questions, steve. how is the administration defending itself? >>reporter: they claim that the event was so complex. they did not know for sure it was a terrorist attack. they were waiting for the information to come in. they reacted as it came in. and a campaign advisor said we
2:03 pm
do not want a president would talks first. >> governor romney leaped out the first day and was mistaken about what he said that is not what want in a president of the united states. >>reporter: democrats say the focus should be on protecting american personnel going forward. >>gregg: of mother of annex navy seal skilled in the attacks is voicing deep frustration over the vision taking to facebook saying it is "unacceptable" that more than two weeks of at i tack the f.b.i. still hasn't gotten on the ground in benghazi to begin their investigation of what happened to her son. she expected anger that the diplomatic outpost where her son and another former navy seal were killed still has not been secured. >>heather: fierce new fighting in syria to tell you about. look at this amateur video that shows battles raging in aleppo.
2:04 pm
the government war planes are flying over the come ball zone with rebels firing mortar. reports of at least five killed. activists say that several homes were destroyed. the battle sparked a fire that is tearing through an ancient market. the century's old market is on a list of historic protected places put out by a u.n. agencies. >>gregg: two americans killed in afghanistan by a trusted member of the afghan security force, the latest in a string of deadly insider attacks. now that report from washington, dc. >>reporter: 2,533 is the suspected new number of americans killed in the 11 year killed to 2,000 and the number of other forces killed by insider attacks to 53, and the former ambassador thinks the
2:05 pm
"green on blue" attacks will continue until americans leave afghanistan so the afghan security forces can get a head start pledging their allegiance to the taliban. the green on blue attacks are likely to increase as the date for the withdrawal grows closer. the taliban attacks could diminish. why take risks if they know we are leaving? it is more for the army personnel who want to show their loyalty to taliban. >> the defense secretary is saying the taliban are trying to undermine our trust in the security forces and that strategy will not work. >> one commander told me in afghanistan, insider attacks are an affront to their honor at odds with their culture and their faith. as for us, we are adapting to changes in that threat, as well. that is what professional militaries do. >>reporter: the numbers deathed from insider attacks has risen from 22 years ago to 35
2:06 pm
last year and 53 this year so far as both sides are working hard to stop them with americans beefing up security on joint missions and afghans doing the background checks on recruit. >>gregg: thank you, peter, from washington, dc. health he the wave of coordinated car bombings killing 26 and sounded more in iraq today. that makes it the deadliest day in a month. the attacks targeted sight neighborhoods and security forces in multiple cities so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the car bombs are a hall washington of al qaeda in iraq. officials say despite the attacks, overall, the violence is down from just a few years ago. >>gregg: it is just three days until an event that could determine the election of the first presidential debate.
2:07 pm
both candidates are keeping a low public profile to prepare. that is not stopping the campaigns from appearing on the talk show hosts to lay out a strategy. >> what people will see, who is mitt romney? what kind of a president will he be? what are the choices? that is what matters in this debate and all debates. i know what president obama has done. i know the empty promises, broken promises and the stagnant economy. what is mitt romney and paul ryan offering? >> what we will tell the american people on wednesday night is where we are as a country, where we need to go, how we rebuild an economy that makes the middle class secure. with great detail they will tell us what it will do for them in the next four years. >>gregg: chief political correspondent, carl cameron, joins us live from boston. >>carl: a lot of this is more than how they perform on stage and what they say.
2:08 pm
it depends on their demeanor with their personal likability and whether they can con an idea clearly and articulate and whether they can score points and criticize their opponents. there is a lot riding on it for mitt romney who has been trailing in the polls. in the national polls, it is a small margin but the battleground states there is cause if concern in boston. the republicans recognize that. romney will be in denver tomorrow until the debate open wednesday night. paul ryan shaped it this morning on fox news sunday. here is a sampling. >> he needs to give the american people the choice we are offering. that is what we are doing. we owe the country a very clear choice of a different future. we can either have, a dynamic, growing economy, that produces opportunity. or we can have a stagnant opportunity that fosters dependency. >>carl: the obama administration has been caucus
2:09 pm
-- cause should saying mitt romney will show up well prepared. having said that, obama campaign has shown signs of campaign confidence and romney campaign has been both in word and deed really trying to step it up, recognizing how much is riding on the debates. >>gregg: thanking from boston, carl cameron. >>heather: a hero's welcome at ground zero for a group of brave americans, including war veterans. it is the warrior bicycle ride, rolling in to new york city today, they have been riding across the country for the last nine days. we have followed them 3,200 miles from california. the team raised awareness and money to help the children of fallen u.s. vet whose died serving their country. >>gregg: also in new york city today, more than 10,000 runners honoring the first responders
2:10 pm
who died in the september 11th attack, retracing the steps of a firefighter who had 60 pounds of gear strapped to his back he ranked through the brooklyn tunnel into manhattan to help the victims at ground zero. that is where he also lost his life. here is former new york city mayor giuliani. >> this memorizes the firefighter coming through the tunnel on september 11th with the gear, running to the fire, saving people. he lost his life. his family started this foundation, 30,000 people are here today running. >> a great event. it honors the fallen firefighters. we are out hire today just to show we are united, both for the arm fortses and our police officers and firefighters. >>gregg: tens of thousands of folk participated traveling from
2:11 pm
as far were as dubai and the united kingdom to take part in the on you'll run. >>heather: it is back to the bench for the justices of the supreme court. when they began the summer recess three months ago, they were in the middle of some of the most politically divisive issues. a preview, now, of the big issues on the docket. >> monday kicks off the new temple for the supreme court. there you a number of controversial disputes awaiting the justices. six of the n justices attended the traditional pre-term red mass here in washington on sunday, a tradition that started back in 1928 in new york. there were prayers for wisdom and inspiration for all members of the judicial administration. on monday the court will consider whether nigerian citizens can sue shell oil company in u.s. court for human rights abuses. the plaintiffs say the company committed this in nigeria. one case that is anticipated is
2:12 pm
a lawsuit by a white applicant who was denied admission to the university of to texas because of rate-based criteria. kennedy will be the key swing state. the court will take up another indicate related to same-sex marriage. a case on appeal deals with the defense of marriage act which the obama administration has said it will no longer defend in court. another appeal involves california's proposition 8 amending the state constitution so california would only recognize marriage between a man and a woman as valid and legal. >> this is one of the cases that you have seen it from the moment the cases started being filed this is a case that would be making its way not supreme court. the time is now. >> we could know by monday morning whether the justices have voted to take up either of those same-sex marriage cases. >>heather: shannon, thank you from washington, dc. >>gregg: we are following a developing story out of japan right now, a powerful typhoon
2:13 pm
hitting the southern saturday of the country. look at this amazing video. that is a car, yes, a car is being blown down the street like a toy. dozens have been injured so far. it caused massive blackouts, and parulidessing traffic. officials warning of mortar -- more of the heavy rain and surging people to stay indoors. >> mazing pictures. >>heather: tossed along like a piece of trash. >> days away from a pivotal moment in the race if the white house. the first presidential debate is ahead, counting down in hour. what does it take for a campaign to claim a victory on wednesday? we weigh in. >> a new study comparing freelancers to full-time staffers suggesting one group is healthier and happier than the other. which one? >>heather: a group of australian tourists have quite the story to tell when they return home.
2:14 pm
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>>gregg: now the headlines. a small earthquake hitting a suburb west of dallas measuring 3.4 in magnitude lasting several seconds. no reports much damage or injury. in oak creek, wisconsin, high school students and members of a steam people working together to honor victims of last month's deadly shooting. four tourists in australia coming to the rescue of a 57-year-old body surfing. officials say the tourists dove into the water pulling the man to safety after he was hit by two croring waves. >> giving credence to a notion that most people just do not like to be tied down. a brand new study revealing that freelance employees are much happier and healthier than their full-time full-staffed counterparts.
2:19 pm
managing partner for an investment company joins us with more. >>guest: love this subject. >>heather: 78 percent of temporary and contract workers say they are, they have a positive experience freelancing. why are they happier and healthier? >>guest: well, there is a lot of flexibility. i have a lot of people i work with all over the world who are part-time workers who do project by project basis. rather than someone controlling their day, they control their day and their work hours and how much they want do charge. they have the flexibility to come and go and work from their laptop if they decide to take off and go somewhere. they just pick up the laptop and use skype or google hang out. the technology, along with the flexibility has made this a trend that will continue for a long-term. >>heather: those are benefits to the workers but 21 percent of companies actually plan to increase their temporary worker
2:20 pm
staff. what is the benefit to employers? >>guest: well, i love it are as well, because i have the flexibility, as well, where i don't have to tie myself down to one person. you never know what you will get. people interview well and you bring them on board, it take as long time to let an employee go if you need to let them go. it gives me the flexibility, as well. i enjoy that. we are hiring more part-time people this week. >>heather: that is good news when unemployment is above 8 percent. that is now going it to 43 straight months. what are down sides? >>guest: you do not get a lost continuity. you may have to be bid up. sometimes i have someone doing a website for me and he did one, he did a really good job. i have gone back and now the price has gone up and now it is hard to get hold of the person and hard to fine the person. you do not have that continuity but it is decentralized.
2:21 pm
another flies them from an employers' standpoint, health care is so expensive and i don't is to pay for the health care and the other benefits so it is cost saving for me. i also get a really good employee on the other side, maybe they worked at a law firm and were doing legal work, they could charge $400 an hour when working at a law firm but doing it on their own they get to keep 100 percent of that money so there is not a lot of down side other than not having the continuity and seeing someone all the time and having, i don't want to say "control" over the person but you have an employee you know they are coming to work and you can see them all the time. that is not 9 case with a freelancing. >>heather: that is for the employers but the benefits and the freelance workers that is a destepent for them when it comes to a lack of benefit and lack of job security. >>guest: they do have that. that is what this is, a agree market. they can choose to do what they want. they will find their health care one way or other. that is a side point.
2:22 pm
from a pure business standpoint, i like it a lot. >>heather: finally, for those who may be without a job right now, and maybe considering freelancing, you mentioned a website in your notes where people can find freelance work. >>guest: yes. it is a great website called it is a great place to go. >>heather: you can be happier and healthier. thank you very much, ed. >>gregg: protesters clashing with police in the streets of madrid, spain. look at this video, the rally turning quite violent, with demonstrators throwing rocks at police. thousands of people protesting the government's plan to cut billions of dollars from their budget in order to qualify for a euro zone bailout. that means public workers will not get raises and unemployment
2:23 pm
benefits will be reduced. >>heather: the u.s. trade dispute with china is heating up, after the united states blocking a chinese company from buying four wind families in oregon which is near where the navy flies electronic warfare planes on training missions. this is the first time in 22 years a u.s. president has blocked a foreign business deal. >>gregg: a cruel prank backfires on high school bullies. they nominate add teenage girl for homecoming but it was only a cruel hoax. coming up, how she found the strength to prove them wrong. >>heather: autumn is upon us. if you worried about packing on the extra pounds, there is a comfort food that can help you stay trim. the surprising pollution is --
2:24 pm
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>>heather: welcome back at bottom the hour. yet another apparent insider attack in afghanistan. a suspected member of the afghan security forces killing a u.s. service member and an american civilian contractor at a check point in the eastern part of the country. new calls for an investigation into the deadly attack on the consulate in lib ya the white house facing tough criticism from a republican lawmakers who are demanding more details about attack and increasing security concerns preceding it. >> president obama arrives in the battleground state of nevada a little while ago getting ready for the big battle, the presidential debates on wednesday. but, first, the president will hold a rally at a high school in las vegas later tonight. >> that is where we find chief white house correspondent ed henry, traveling with the
2:29 pm
president. ed? >>reporter: three days here of what they call sort of debate camp for president obama. he is staying in henderson, a suburb out of las vegas, a chance for the white house, now, to play expectations games. we hear officials in chicago saying the president has not debated anyone since john mccain four years ago. he also has been busy with his day jobs obviously, as commander in chief between challenges on the domestic front and on the international front with the situation in the middle east. of course, they are trying to talk under the expectations and raise them for republican mitt romney. this is a lost the pre-game fight, the hype before the first debate on wednesday suggesting that mitt romney has had all this practice in the g.m. primaries and we have beeng repn debates where he is practicing zingers to hit the president on the economy and other things. one of the president's top advisors saying that is not going to work. >> the american people will
2:30 pm
listen for not a clever line but a goodup to move the country forward. that is our focus. >> interesting, as well, a chance for the president, and the reason they pick nevada for this situation in terms of debate prep, this is a battleground state, early voting is about to start in a couple of weeks and he wants a rally tonight. also, this is the foreclosure capital of the country with unemployment rate here state-wide in the double digits far higher than the national average. so there are big economic challenges confronting the president. however, a lot of the public polls have then he is neck and neck with mitt romney. so the obama camp feels good. the issue would be right for the picking, a state that president obama carried in 2008 with all of the economic problems it should be a state that is easy to carry but it is still neck and neck giving the obama camp hope that some of the key battlegrounds where mitt romney should be breaking through, they believe he is not.
2:31 pm
>>heather: thank you, live from las vegas. >>gregg: the race for the white house entering a critical phase now. we are approaching the first presidential election. look at the latest fox news poll showing president obama holding his lead over governor romney. we will bring in our campaign insiders. representative john leboutillier, a former republican congressman. and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter. and doug schoen former pollster for bill clinton. doug, the numbers you saw on the screen, since the conventions, the president has gained four and romney has lost two, a swing of six points. >> that is where the race is. there are some polls in the swing states showing outsize leaps for obama the ink they are
2:32 pm
over sampling democrats and the mainstream media is away from what the race is. that is, a close contest. the president is about 48 or 49 percent approval and vote share. the governor's campaign has lost support. he is down around 43 percent. the 47 percent combined with the drift in the campaign has reduced his vote share, but it is still a a race, and the debate will be critical. >>gregg: this poll shows president obama at 49 and 44 and that can chain instantly. some of the media have written governor romney's obituary, this is premature. >> the media polls, the mainstream media uses the state polls like the new form of negative advertising. other negative campaigning against romney. the news organizations that are broke are spending thousands and
2:33 pm
thousands on the state polls each week to show, to push obama. look, the fact is, gallup has us five, and doug is right. rasmussen has him up two among likely voters. my theory is split the difference. it is somewhere close, romney has lost ground but not the kind of ground that we are hearing. most importantly the president is 50 percent approval and romney's favorables are going up. >>gregg: it is a national popular election. that brings me to the real clear politics electoral map. you have to win the states that have the big numbers attached. not election were held today, here is what you would have. obama at 265, five shy of what you have to get and romney at 191. i would say the polls and that electoral map is the best thing that could happen to romney. when it was a tie race, his
2:34 pm
natural instinct to play it safe overrode everything. now this is no doubt that he is behind, not fatally behind as pat and doug said, but he is behind the he has to change course. obviously, wednesday night is the last opportunity to change course. i think he started changing last week, took all of the ads off, put a new ad in, just himself, talking to the american people. >>gregg: let's lay the new ad with governor romney talking to the camera. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we should not measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good-paying job. >>gregg: is that a good ad? >> better than he has been running. the reason for the ad is the 47 percent video so hurt him reinforcing the idea of a cold
2:35 pm
wall street baron. >>gregg: 70 percent of americans agreed that too many are dependent on the government. >> there are too many people dependent on government but we are not a country of working people and dependents. we are a country of one nation. a lot of people who are dependent work very hard and they care about uplifting themselves. >> a lot them are republicans, too. >>gregg: i want to play the new president obama ad and be care. >> we have were more to do to get folks back to work and make the middle class secure again. now, governor romney believes with even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy and fewer regulations out wall street all of us will prosper, he would double down on the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. what is my plan? first, we create a million new manufacturing jobs the >>gregg: what do you think of the ad and the amount of money,
2:36 pm
the volume spent on advertising and the production? >> let me say the obama campaign is outspending romney by gigantic amounts. >> especially in swing states. >> swing states, yes. second, look, i have looked at all the ads, the obama campaign ads are generally better and they are more on target. the romney campaign has been all over the place. the ad we showed wasn't a bad ad but it was defensive in nature. this is not about advertising. this is about getting to the definition which you said which is important, 70 percent of the people think the government -- look, republicans have a 20-point lead on the fundamental philosophical question of more government/sliest government and they cannot get it in the selection. >> one of the reasons the president is running that ad is, that is a closing ad you used to see in the last ten days of the
2:37 pm
campaign. now, with early voting going in half the states, he is so far down the curve in his campaign he is making closing arguments to those people. >> the president was able in that soundbite to compare and to attack romney defensively and aggressively. romney was just playing defense, advantage president obama. >>gregg: a lot to talk about with respect to the debate. pat caddell prepared jimmy carter if a couple of his debates. we will pick his brain about that. our campaign insiders will be back to talk about the debates on wednesday. >>heather: a beautiful young girl, the victim of an ugly joke. the dream of a lifetime, she was nominated for homecoming. a bunch of bullies put her name on the ballot. coming up, her message for other students facing bullying.
2:38 pm
you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ [ children laughing ] ♪ the smell of salt in the air. ♪ it's the sound a seashell makes. [ seagulls calling ] a place that's beyond your imagination, yet well within your means. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit
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>>heather: now a quick check of the headlines.
2:42 pm
grocery store employees in washington state saving an 11-year-old from an attempted kidnapping. they heard a struggle in the restroom. they rushed in to find a man attacking the boy. that suspect now is in custody. >> california commuters experiencing deja vu in los angeles, again, shutting down part of busy interstate 405 for repairs. this stretch is expected to re-open tomorrow morning. >> listen to this story, high school football fans cheering on a bullied teenager in michigan. the 16-year-old girl taking the field as part of the homecoming court although she was originally nominated as a hoax by a bunch of bullies. people even came from neighboring towns to show their support. good for her. >>gregg: she is my hero. i love that. that is a great story. good for her. >> let's talk about the presidential debate. we are just days away from the first one on wednesday.
2:43 pm
our campaign insiders back, john leboutillier, pat caddell, and doug schoen. pat, you prepareed jimmy carter for the debate in 1980 and mondale in 1984. talk to us about the debates, the challengers have an advantage, is that true? >>guest: the vehicle for challengers, particularly they need to answer a question. in 1960, sergeant john kennedy when i explored it i assumed that kennedy had beaten nixon decisively but it only moved the poll as couple of spots but it allowed kennedy to prove that he could be president, to pass the threshold. acceptability in stature. same thing with jimmy carter. carter would not have been president without debates and kennedy said he wouldn't have been. sometimes it works at wary. generally, and, reagan, one debate, it was decisive, with
2:44 pm
one debate in 1980 and the last week of the campaign, because it allowed reagan to prove he wasn't dangerous. for romney the debate is all about being able to prove if my opinion several things, but most importantly, that he is not a bad person. he has 90 minutes, the obama campaign has spent several million defining him in a way that he murders people, that he is grossly for the rich. >> what does romney have to do? >> he needs to articulate a plan as to what he will do to change america. pat is right, he has to make himself accessible to the american people. beyond that, unless people get a sense that he has a clear at stiff vision for the country and specific approaches to get there, he will not succeed. >>gregg: i want to ask you, congressman, a famous gaffe was in 1976 when then president ford
2:45 pm
said the eastern europes are not dominated by the soviets and neither was poland. that was a gift. >> our strategy helped produce that. i said we should have a strategy in that debate in san francisco, was go to ford's left and right on phone policy and he defended our attack from the right. >>gregg: no gaffes in this, do you think? they are very smart. >> romney has not proven to be gaffe free. >> i think they both may make gaffes. the president, off the teleprompter, and he says you didn't build that, two weeks of fodder for romney. >> the private sector doing well. that, too. >> last week on "60 minutes" a few "bumps in the road," in the middle east. >>gregg: so, gaffe central? >> we have to look at the other
2:46 pm
time. what is the obama staff telling the president to do? he hasn't debated if four years and it is very hard to debate in practice disa-- a sitting president. he needs to be sticking to the lines he is using on the stump that have not gotten him in trouble. the ones about the government want dog double down and bring back the same policies, he will just say that. you are not going to hear new stuff from the president. >> romney, you are right, obama will try to keep it from being controversial. romney has to engage the president in a different way, not personally, directly. he needs to engage the big issues when we talk about definition he needs to define the fact that, look, this is what i am going to do. if i am not, if i were him i would say i won't run for re-election if i fail you the way he did. he needs to have a vehicle to contrast the reality of what is going on and to put obama having
2:47 pm
to defend himself. he has the bigger tack. he has a bigger opportunity. >>gregg: doug, does romney need to be more specific on the five-point economic solution to the economy? >> he needs to be more specific so that working people who are hurting, who are suffering, get a sense that he understands not only their pain but has a clear prescription. obama will try to do what pat and john said, be brief, stick to lines that have worked. >> i'm not the greatest speaker but i will get things done and here is what i will get done. >>greg: campaign insiders will be at the yankees game tomorrow night if you want to say hello. you guys are in the good seats. >> probably behind home plate. >> exactly. >> thanks to our campaign insiders you can check them out every monday at 10:30 a.m., live. they of course, be back
2:48 pm
here next sunday. >>heather: i want to go to the yankees game! >>gregg: we were not invited. >>heather: we have to work on that. comfort food season is upon us. coming up, how you can say bikini season ready all year round without having to hit up any salad bars. ♪ you do
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he health fall -- >>heather: fall is here. we turn to comfort foods. >>gregg: how do you know which foods fill you up without filling you out or which can help you shed a few pounds? now health and fitness experts is joining us. there is research out there that says you can actually use soup to help yourself lose weight. >>guest: if you eat soup before a meal, most people consume up to 20 percent less fewer calories. and why really understand why, but something about eating food blended with liquid makes your 12078 action full fuller longer than eating the same food with a glass of water. studies have shown that. not all soups are created equal.
2:53 pm
>>guest: you need to find the low-calorie soup. most of the studies have been done on tomato-based soup or broth-based soup. most tomato soup are low in calories. this is organic creamy tomato from pacific foods. it has no cream, only 100 calories a cup. it is a little bit high in sodium. that is a concern for a last people, so this is creamy organic soup with half the sodium. both are organic because tomato with skin retains more of the pesticides so that is important to remember. another way that tomato soup is a great fat bunker putting half a tee -- teaspoon of hot pepper on it, you consume 60 fewer calories than regular. >>heather: spicy foods help
2:54 pm
you burn more calories? >>guest: yes. >>gregg: this is what i keep at mire deck, the tomato basil, low sodium, 200 calories for two people. >>heather: this is two servings. >>guest: this is four and this is two. usually a can has two. you cannot find broth-based soups that will have a ton of calories unless you pack it with a lot of potato or sausage. this company makes 40 different times of 100 calories per serving foods. this is chicken pot pie which is fun. this is stallion meatball which
2:55 pm
has 80 calorie as cup. progressive is not the only brand. this is from trader joe's. >>heather: do you like bean soup? >>gregg: in thank you. >>guest: you need to be careful with bean soups because they are high in calories. find a broth-based bean soup. i got these from trader joe's, split pea and black bean. the first ingredient is filtered water so this has 70's calorie as cup and this has 100. very low. >>gregg: now, you have homemade stuff. >>guest: if you order at the restaurant, miso soup only has 40 calories. can you not go wrong. miso which is fermented soybeans is helping to fight cancer. >>gregg: these two?
2:56 pm
>>guest: creamy vegetable soup. some think cream of broccoli is low in calories. this is wrong. at the store or restaurant it has cream but you can make a great one. use onion, broccoli and broth, and puree it. >>gregg: what is in this? >>guest: cream of cauliflower. i added chicken to this. these are 70 calorie as cup. you can make them if under $10 a pot. if you are too lazy, you can buy the cream of vegetable soup. >>gregg: great stuff. good advise. love the soup. >>heather: that's it for us. fox news sunday with drill -- chris wallace is up next. [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. it's not for colds,
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